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, Message Monday – 3/15/21: Be Who You Will Be Today

Message Monday – 3/15/21: Be Who You Will Be Today

Many people talk about making changes in their lives whether its after a traumatic experience, start of a new year, breakup, firing, etc.  Or we have people that say they will get right in a few months and give up a sinful habit but in meantime they will proceed business as usual.  Friends whether we are a living for God and believe in Christ or operating as a son of Satan we don’t control or know how much time we have on earth.  Proverbs talks about making sure anything we do is to the best of our abilities to glorify God.  For this article it means if we know we can be living our lives in way that pleases God we shouldn’t be purposely disobedient.  The chapter of Luke states that no one knows when Christ is returning so for us to walk around like we can change on our time is a risk.  I’m sure some of us have had that ex-love interest we broke up with because timing wasn’t right.  Well imagine getting your life right and walking to the person’s home to see them in the windowed booed up with someone else.  Same thing could happen to us with Christ.  If you take too long to choose him he gone choose on his own.

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