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, Message Monday – 3/22/21: Tears for Lost Children

Message Monday – 3/22/21: Tears for Lost Children

Something upset me a few weeks ago when I was asking the Lord to flex his power and to remove shackles from my personal and professional life.  I asked the Lord to free up distractions in my life so that I could be less stressed and be able to do things that advance the kind of God like write these articles and make podcasts episodes.  I realized the pain or suddenness he must experience when he knows he sent his son as sacrifice for us only to see us still reject and have no regard for him.  The world has room for all these false gods, tries to erase and or challenge the existence and importance of Jesus.  People are going to hell in handbaskets while believers are distracted binge-watching TV shows, fronting on social media, and obsessed with politics.  We interact with neighbors, family members, friends, strangers, and co-workers every day observing their challenges and are too selfish to at minimum pray for them or at maximum uplift them with God’s love.  People are going to hell, what are we doing about it?  Who have we saved?  If we got time to share the latest viral challenge or blast the newest Cardi B song we have time to push the scripture of the day and to pray for folks, we encounter. It’s unacceptable to allow God to mourn for his loss children when we can help them find their way.

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