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, Message Monday – 3/29/21: Correct Lens, Exterminate Sin

Message Monday – 3/29/21: Correct Lens, Exterminate Sin

I’m not going to front, I’ve at times felt like I’ve been in tugged war between God and Satan when it comes to what I’m going to do in my life like anyone else.  Yes, I grew up in church and personally seen God work in my life countless times.  So, I’ve at times delayed worldly pleasures to try to follow the word.  I’ve had times I’ve been a sinner just like everyone else.  I’ve blamed God for bad things going wrong in my life and for things not going according to plan.  Held grudges and sought my own vengeance for over 5 years against people.  In every action we take we are either advancing the kingdom of God or are acting like a son of Satan.  A neutral action leans toward the world and Satan.  Everyone has choices and has to daily make conscience decisions to do the right thing even when its not easy.  It’s no hard to get mesmerized by all the fun and sin the world seems to be participating in.  I personally used to wonder when I make it to where I hope God takes me how would I keep my soul in tack and true to myself.  However, what I’ve noticed and discovered recently is if we stop looking at the world’s standards for enjoyment and happiness than its easier to be indifferent to the world.  If we are focused on God’s standard for living than we don’t care about missing out on sinful experiences.  Losing interest in something allows the topic not to matter or be issue for us.  For example, if a person has no interest in doing drugs than the possibility of missing out on a drug use session with buddies won’t cause them heart ache.  In short, if we look at things from lens of whether it glorifies God it should eliminate importance of things that don’t.

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