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, Message Monday – 3/8/21: Get the Shackles Off Me!

Message Monday – 3/8/21: Get the Shackles Off Me!

As we encounter struggles and barriers in our lives we must not forget to lean on God.  We can’t be fully focused on doing his will and work if we are distracted by work, personal, political, or any other kind of drama in our lives.  The devil loves distractions because they distance us from God’s will for our lives and can slow us down.  That’s why I recommend talking to God and requesting for him to intervene on any problems you have.  I do this by calling out the issue or area of my life while talking to God.  I ask God to deal with it or help me deal with it if it’s in his will.  Whether it’s a relationship, job, weight, addiction, or stress we shouldn’t feel shackled by anything.  We limit our impact on the world if we are trying to deliver the lord’s message yet have areas of our life constantly hemmed up by Satan.  Remember that God can handle anything and make the impossible possible.  I have proof of this.  I challenge you to stand shackleless in Christ and propel the kingdom of God.

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