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, Message Monday – Chasing After the Past

Message Monday – Chasing After the Past

Sometimes we get bored or unexpired by the present day and try to turn the clock back to earlier parts of our lives.  Times when maybe we were wilder, carefree, and doing what we want.  This could even mean a time when we weren’t living according to the word of God.  I challenge everyone, myself included to not chase after the worse version of ourselves from the past.  We shouldn’t be trying to be the sinner in the past that ran routes on every woman insight, kicking it with the folks we used to sell drugs with, or any other previous action that wasn’t right.  In the past, we sinned, and were maybe even proud of it.  We can’t waste our time trying to rebottle of something we shouldn’t be trying to replicate.  Instead, we can devote our energy to chasing how Christ lived and concentrate on living a present and future that pleases God.

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