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, Message Monday – Checking on Others

Message Monday – Checking on Others

I believe that things sometimes happen to others because nobody is checking on them or concerned about their wellbeing.  When we don’t check on others it likely means we aren’t praying for them and asking God to provide a covering.  Just like sometimes in our lives things seem to work in our favor and we don’t always know why, the same can be opposite when its bad.  Occasionally, even in our worst moments someone is secretly praying for us and that protects us from maybe a worse situation.  While the lack of someone praying for us could also yield no reason for God to feel the need to step in.  Additionally, when we examine most of the sins we commit, we find they are related to harm we bring against other people.  So, we need to be vigilant when it comes checking on others.  The person doesn’t necessarily need to know you are praying for them so if that was a barrier for you it shouldn’t be.  Lastly, we need to stop reaching out to folks only when we want something and instead bless them because it’s the right thing to do.

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