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, Message Monday – Do Your Best and Push Yourself to Limit

Message Monday – Do Your Best and Push Yourself to Limit

One thing we can’t lose sight on in life is that we are representing multiple entities daily.  Yes, we try to live for ourselves, family, friends, and company.  However, most importantly we signify God.  The bible states in Genesis that we are made in God’s image.  Furthermore, the word states that we were bought with a price so we should glorify God with our body.  This is important because we like to present several different levels of effort.  There’s a version of you that performs daily for your job, but you crank it up a level when you know your boss is present, or boss is boss, or VP of company are around.  It’s not that you take it easy, you just have an extra level of detail or focus the higher the person you must impress.  Just like at home there is a level of cleanliness that’s acceptable around your immediate family and there’s also an audit level of cleaning that occurs when your parents or guess are coming over.  However, the open secret we forget in our daily lives is that God is always present!  Meaning we should be the best version of ourselves every second.  Making the right choices every minute.  Whether we succeed, fail, take short cuts, sin, testify, etc. we represent God.  God sent us the best when he sent his son Jesus to show us how to live sin free and die for us.  Imagine if one of us were responsible for saving the world and being humble with ultimate power.  Most of us can barely save ourselves, family members, and friends.  It’s up to us to decide if we are going to be the type of believer that going to make God proud or embarrassed with our behavior and actions.

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