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, Message Monday – Don’t Contribute to Lost Souls

Message Monday – Don’t Contribute to Lost Souls

Today’s message will be short and sweet.  As Christians, we want to make sure we aren’t the reason that souls are steered toward hell.  Meaning we shouldn’t be intentionally leading people toward paths of sin.  If we have opportunities to show someone God’s love, we must act and not wait until the next time.  Speak up when wrong is being done and when sin is occurring instead of being silent and trying to turn a blind eye.  The last thing we want to have to explain to God when our life ends is that we haven’t helped grow his kingdom; we’ve actually contributed to lessening it.  We can’t wait for the next Christian to step up and make a difference.  We need to be the disciples that God can count on.  We must provide no reason for him not to be able to work thru us.

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