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, Message Monday – Everyone Won’t Make it to Heaven

Message Monday – Everyone Won’t Make it to Heaven

It’s a sad but true realization that everyone will not make it to heaven.  There will be countless reasons why some people go to hell.  Some people that originally live for God will decide to turn from him after traumatic events that occur in their lives.  Followers of other religions will declare that their path is the correct one.  Satan will have his dedicated followers that live and breathe to given glory to man and mock God.  Individuals will get the mark of the beast during the end of days to fit in with the crowd.  People will trade their soul for worldly desires and accomplishments like fame, riches, sex, power, and status.  There are people out there that don’t believe that God and or Satan exist and live accordingly.  Self-proclaimed Christians, preachers, and deacons of churches that publicly speak God’s word but, in their hearts, don’t believe it will not end up where we think.  Lastly, some will maybe know about God and Jesus but decide they rather live how they want and doing what they want instead of abiding by the word of God.  Obviously, there’s more reasons we can give but reality is a lot of human beings will be disappointed when this life is over.  Our charge as followers AND believers of Jesus Christ is to reduce the number of souls lost to Satan as much as we can.  We can’t afford to put off making a positive impact for kingdom of God.  We can’t waste time living it up sinning with rest of world for few hours or nights because the next moment isn’t promised for anyone.  Everyone won’t make it Heaven but we need to recruit like lives depends on it.

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