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, Message Monday – God Time

Message Monday – God Time

Folks say that it doesn’t matter if they got to church in person and that they can simply watch or listen from home.  While its true that you don’t have to physically be in a church to be saved and to be a Christian there are benefits.  I went thru a stretch recently of not being at church physically 3 straight weeks for various poor reasons.  However, the day I returned I was reminded that there are multiple benefits for being in a sanctuary.  First off, the world is so sinful and anti-God and Christ that its one of the few if only places where you will be surrounded by like-minded Christians.  Everyone in a sanctuary isn’t perfect but folks at least have enough conviction to show up somewhere and try to improve themselves.  Second, the sanctuary gets us away from a lot of our everyday distractions and gives God better chance to speak to us.  It’s not that God isn’t always present, it’s us that straight up ignores him.  Yeah again, we can some of these benefits at home but more times than not we have more distractions and noise at home.  On the other hand, church service is focused solely on God and given him undevoted time.

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