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, Message Monday – God’s Favor Over Everything

Message Monday – God’s Favor Over Everything

Today, I like to go to Genesis and summarize the story of Joseph to show how God can work in our lives.  So, when Joseph was younger told his brothers about dream.  In his dream he predicted he would be greater than his older brothers.  Like most folks, hearing someone tell you they will be better than you makes you feel jealous.  They ended up scheming a way to sell him into slavery for some goods and told their father he was killed by an animal.  As Joseph got older, he had God’s favor and was successful in anything he did so he gained favor with men.  The king of Egypt twice gave him significant influence and power over everything.  Long story short, the same brothers that sold him into slavery ended up being at his mercy for survival and had to beg him for help.  So, when you take a step back you have a person favored by God that man tries to sabotage out of spite.  Nevertheless, God’s favor follows the person because they attempt to do right everywhere they go.  This results in the person experiencing favor with men to the point the people that didn’t want to see him succeed ended up getting blessed by the person.  When God favor’s you it doesn’t matter what men think.  God can make it so the people that don’t want you blessed will have to receive their blessings thru you and end up under your authority.  I’ve seen this happen in my life several times.  Never underestimate power of God’s favor.

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