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, Message Monday – Going Hard for the World? Go HARDER for God

Message Monday – Going Hard for the World? Go HARDER for God

Today its on my heart to challenge everyone, myself included to go hard for God the way we go hard for sin.  We will pay to stand in line for an hour on Friday nights at a club so we can go inside to consume liquid courage, shake our butts, grope, and grind on the opposite sex.  Folks subscribe to TV channels, websites, and services that don’t propel God’s kingdom.  Literally, pay others to commit sins in the forms of lustrous dances, sexual favors, murder, theft, etc. if it suits our desires and agenda at that moment.  Work overtime at our jobs for free and will travel hours by car or plane for opportunity to fornicate and or commit adultery.  As human beings we basically spend most of our time not thinking about God’s word and Jesus’ sacrifice.  However, when it comes to God, we expect him to be there and cover us without failure.  We give God 5% of our time on a good day but one 100% of his authority and favor.  We act out half-butt prayer in morning, read a chapter in bible out of obligation, and maybe will a tell a few people to be blessed thinking we accomplished something.  If someone treated us the way we treated God we would have an issue.  Heck, our kids do it to certain degree; constantly taking and not really contributing to value in the house in form of income or labor and we often have an issue with it.  I’m not advocating that everyone over night spends all day reading the bible, praying, and giving to the poor.  I am however requesting that if we can drive far to work twice in a day than we can go to church once a week.  If you find time to join an extracurricular club or organization, make time to get involved with a church ministry or at least support their events.  Reading a book, a month is a goal of yours, cool.  Add reading chapter or two of the bible to your reading routine.  If we can go hard for the world, we can go harder when it comes to God, our creator, the one that controls everything.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

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