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, Message Monday – Imperfections

Message Monday – Imperfections

We need to keep ourselves grounded and remember that we aren’t perfect.  I know there are times where I am down on myself for bad choices and actions and use them as an excuse to not do God’s work.  I believe there are others in the world that experience the same thing.  One sin or 10 sins doesn’t mean that God can’t use you.  We must not let our imperfections prevent us from doing God’s will.  That’s what Satan wants!  We don’t stop being a parent, significant other, employee, sibling, and friend typically when mistakes occur.  Nor do we usually give up on others completely and instantly when they do wrong.  But again, even though in the world people continue progressing thru mistakes we feel like we can’t do the same with God.  A few sins and oh no God can’t use me and don’t want me.  We don’t have to be flawless to serve God.  However, we should strive to be better Christians and that starts with finding ways to impacting in this world even if we aren’t filling worthy and holy.  We show up for the world in multiple ways whether we want to or not.  We can show up for God.

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