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, Message Monday – Let the Dead, Bury the Dead

Message Monday – Let the Dead, Bury the Dead

So, I first heard this phrase while listening to the No Malice’s gospel rap album that has the name “Let the Dead, Bury the Dead”.  The phrase sounded clever, but I didn’t really know what it meant.  I researched it to make sure I wasn’t repeating a phrase that was bad or whatever.  It does indeed come from the bible in Luke 9:60. What’s even crazier is that Jesus is actually the person that says this.  He was recruiting people to follow him, and one guy said hold on Jesus, let me bury my father and then I’ll follow you.  Essentially, the person was putting doing work for someone that was dead over during work for the kingdom God.  As savage as it sounds, burying a dead loved one doesn’t save anyone souls from hell.  Extracting that concept out it can apply to the real world even now.  People all around us are dead to God and focusing on what the world prioritizes.  Dead meaning, they are alive physically, uninterested in God and salvation, and spiritually deceased.  We won’t want to be caught up trying to fret about things that don’t matter, things that don’t save souls.  There’s enough folks sinning in the world that we don’t have to regret sacrifices we’ve made to live for God.  Let the world worry about the world’s priorities, we need to focus on advancing the God’s will.

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