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, Message Monday – Look Out for Distractions

Message Monday – Look Out for Distractions

The main reason for us to be alive is to increase the kingdom of God by sharing Jesus Christ with others.  We should strive to set good examples and to step in to help guide others toward Jesus.  Anything that we think about or participate in that doesn’t advance the kingdom of God is a waste of time.  Therefore, we need to be on the look out for things that the devil uses to trigger us.  Everyone has things that devil consistently uses to distract them from doing God’s work.  For Joe, it may be drama at work with a high stress project.  Martin’s weakness could be his wife that never can get along with for more than few days at a time.  Alissa deal is the past sins she commits that her mother remembers her of every time she tries to provide a testimony on what God has done for her.  Isaac’s opportunity is his desire to flirt and fornicate with beautiful women.  For Adam, the fear of missing out on football Sunday with his friends causing him to be unfocused during the church service and clock watching.  The devil doesn’t necessarily have to distract you with pure sin.  Every time we’re distracted it’s not because we are at a strip joint or doing drugs.  Binge watching sports TV shows too long when you know you have an article on Christ to write is a win for Satan.  Arguing with your wife instead of discussing the scripture your wife has thoughts on is a loss for God.  Brainlessly searching social media for the latest Doja Cat, Draya, Beyonce, insert any other attractive celebrity photos or videos to fulfil lust in your heart and mind is a win for Satan!  Sneaking food when you are trying to stay get into shape isn’t glorifying God because your fixated on the urge to eat what you shouldn’t.  In all these scenarios, the common theme is focus on God has been exchange for our fleshly desires, ego, or lust of eyes.  Identify the common distractions in your life and see how you can reduce, eliminate, and or not be sidetracked by them. Stay vigilant and strong in Christ.

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