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Message Monday – No Days Off

When we are trying to expand the kingdom of God we can’t afford to decide today were not going to be bothered.  Reason being that time on this earth is not infinite and neither are our days.  We have no idea if we are going to die in our sleep, get robbed in Walmart parking lot, or killed in car accident anytime.  Imagine of God took days off and said today I’m not going to answer John’s prayer because I don’t feel like it.  Or I’m not going to show favor or Stephanie during her job interview just because I’m busy or tired.  We would be disappointed.  We already behave with a double standard toward God.  We can do church or be bothered with God like a book.  However, whenever we pray or need God, he needs to be available to execute flawless and timely every time or we blame him for our problems.  Regardless, if the problems are created from our own actions or sins.  Imagine, throwing a football downfield with no one to catch it.  When we don’t do our role in the kingdom plays don’t get made.  I have a podcast that at people around the world happen to listen to so every time I’m too busy busying the dead there’s a person out there that doesn’t, he the word of God.  My disobedience could cause someone not to get saved.  We don’t take days off from feeding our bodies, sleeping, working, or entertaining ourselves.  So, we shouldn’t take days off when it comes to nourishing God’s people and advancing the kingdom of God.  Living for God should be a priority like going to work every day is.  No Days Off!

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