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, Message Monday – Process of Elimination

Message Monday – Process of Elimination

Sometimes God blesses us by eliminating things in our lives that are issues for us.  That’s why sometimes you will grow apart from friends, people you are dating, careers, hobbies, and other things.  In some situations, we can’t be who we need to truly be for God until we shed items that don’t help us be who God intended to be.  Yes, it may have broken your heart to lose someone you thought was a soulmate or your first love, but you want going to be with them forever anyway.  I bet partying and clubbing was fun, but it didn’t glorify God and it led to sinful situations.  Moving away from the folks in the old crew ended that straight path to sin.  The job you used to work sucks your time dry, the people there are immoral, but it pays your bills.  So, you needed the company to go out of business to force you pick a new job that was more of positive influence on your life and gave you more time to do God’s work.  Again, if we let him, God will do the dirty work for us.  If you have an Achilles heel in your life that God needs to address, pray for him to eliminate.

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