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, Message Monday – Repent for Past Sins

Message Monday – Repent for Past Sins

A few months back I came to the realization that I had past sins from college I never formally repented for.  Yeah, I did blanket asks for forgiveness.  But it never occurred to me that sometimes we be so stuck on living our lives that we just go action to action, moment to moment, and day to day doing as we please.  Not stopping to think about whether what is happening is right.  Humans are naturally evil and sinful by nature according to the bible.  The way kids naturally lie by instinct when they are young to avoid trouble is like what adults and everyone else does with sin in general.  Usually, by default we rule in favor of our best interests even if its wrong.  We care about what benefits us the most and bring the highest pleasure.  That’s our natural state.  Many times, in our life we’ve cared less about what God thinks.  I know that has been me on daily basis especially in the past.  So, I challenge everyone to reflect and formally ask God forgiveness for things that you maybe never officially confessed and acknowledged.  Maybe it was stealing, cheating on assignments, lying in a relationship, fornicating with a bunch of folks, getting drunk or gluttonous.  Lay the sins at God’s feet and make today the day you want to start living more intention instead of just living with a self-conscience and Christian compass.

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