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, Message Monday – Stop Forgetting God’s Strength

Message Monday – Stop Forgetting God’s Strength

Today, I want to urge people to not forget the power of God and Jesus.  Revelation’s chapter 3, verse 7 quotes Jesus and states “What he opens no one can shut, and what he shuts no one can open”.  It stands out to me because it establishes that Jesus and God are the final authority on anything.  When God has spoken something there’s no overturning or trying to prove his words wrong.  You can try but you won’t succeed.  Additionally, in any situation when there’s the slimmest of hopes you always have a chance with God and Jesus on your side.  I had personal experience recently where I was concerned about being a large field of applicants for job opportunity.  I started to doubt whether I would be hired for the opportunity and at times the situation felt dire.  However, I asked my wife to pray for me, got my thoughts together, and gave an interview for the ages.  Easily, the best interview of my life.  The results wouldn’t have been possible without God’s favor on me.  When you think about the fact that we can sin daily whether unintentional or on purpose and still have chance to get to heaven because of Jesus’ sacrifice that’s strength.  Literally, some of the worst sins you can imagine can be forgiven and we still have an opportunity to make it thru the doors of heaven until Jesus returns.  Assuming of course that we repent and believe in Jesus.  That to me truly is an example of strength.

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