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, Message Monday – Stopping Going to God Only for Ourselves

Message Monday – Stopping Going to God Only for Ourselves

I heard several pastors call out that Christians and maybe even non-believers sometimes treat God as a personal genie.  Folks primarily only want to call on him when they want something.  Typically, the desire or want is for us or something that primarily impacts our lives.  How often, does average person go to God on behalf of someone else?  I’m not talking about the prayer line or family meeting prayers where we generally pray for every soul on the earth.  And I’m probably not talking about intercessory prayer exactly where someone comes thru with a need and specifically asks for church and others to pray.  I’m talking about you on any given day minding your business, taking a walk, or in your prayer closet deciding that today I’m just going to send up an honest prayer to God for my next-door neighbor George that looks down lately.  Or I will pray for my brother Mark and his family that the enemy stays away from them.  We don’t fully know how much we ourselves benefit from folks secretly praying for us.  We need to get in habit of praying for folks randomly the same way we stalk or scroll social media to see what X celebrity, crush, hero, or team is doing.  Let’s exercise our prayer muscles.  Let’s send prayers of protection, covering, restoration, love and encourage toward others instead of being focused on what wish God can grant for us every time we pray.

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