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, Message Monday – Strength in Not Retaliating

Message Monday – Strength in Not Retaliating

I admit I like to tote the phrase, “eye for an eye”.  I even enjoy the concept of revenge and payback which is something I’ve worked to improve in my life.  However, I believe the strength in situation where someone or something has done you wrong is in not feeling the need to get even.  First off, we should be leaving up to God to execute judgement.  Second, if we feel the need to react to someone every time we are wronged, called out of name, or whatever the case maybe we are giving the offender power.  Most times, when someone does something wrong intentionally, they don’t regret it nor are they thinking about being retaliated against unless its gang or mafia warfare.  We get wronged by folks will be so bent on how we can get them back while that person is just chilling living their best lives.  Therefore, I encourage everyone to not waste energy trying to balance out a wrong that has been done to you.  Turn the page and leave it to God to handle.

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