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, Message Monday – Take Care of Home First

Message Monday – Take Care of Home First

So, many of us have ministries and initiatives we want to share with the world to spread God’s word and message of Jesus.  However, as I’ve stated several times before we need to strive to be the same person all the time.  Yes, we may fool the world and very well help save souls by being two-faced and hypocritical, but we may lose those close to us in the process.  I keep thinking about the fact I understand my pastor and church leaders are human beings.  They sin, get angry, lust, lie, fight, eat, drink, and cry just like anyone else.  They also pray, repent, and ask God for forgiveness.  However, if I were to see them doing some of the sins, I would find unbefitting of a church leader I would indeed judge them and look down on them because I unrealistically expect them to uphold God’s standards all the time.  Well, how do we think our own families, friends, co-workers, enemies, and secrets look at us when we pray for folks, preach God’s word, and never curse in public but are different other times.  Yeah, in our car we are listening to murder music, drug use anthem, or genitals popping songs.  We cuss like an uncontrolled faucet with no remorse.  We say and do disrespectful things to those we know that we wouldn’t say or do in public.  But we still walk around saved and saying praise God with the same tongue we just cussed our spouse or neighbor with.  We are saving souls for Christ, but have we even asked if those close to us our going to heaven?  The friends we joke about fornication and partying with do they understand that we have renewed priorities and direction in our life?  We must do a better job setting better examples for our friends, family, and anyone else we impact to align with what ware trying to do for the world.  It doesn’t make sense to nourish the world while people in your own home country are starving, that’s what the United States does.  Make sure the folks around you our impacted by your ministry and good works and not just strangers.

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