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, Message Monday – Two Face

Message Monday – Two Face

This week I want to challenge folks to move from past ways.  On a long road trip for work I found myself listening to gospel songs followed by hardcore secular songs then back to gospel songs.  Amazed at how I could be into both types of music genres.  After a while, I started to feel bad about the hypocrisy and double mindedness especially since I was alone in the car.  If you are trying to turn over leaves in areas of your life it will be harder if you flip flop back and forth.  I get that you may not be able to instantly give up something but my example of going back forth on a dime is probably worse thing you can do. I’ve been trying to take weeks away from secular music to clear the channels of my mind for God.  I had weakness on the road trip and used that as an excuse to be two faced.  Once you make decisions to start changing parts of your life for the better stick to it.  If you fail, don’t compound it by repeating the failure.

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