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, Prayer POWER! : Christian Principles Based Content

Prayer POWER! : Christian Principles Based Content

God, we like to step in the gap for the lack of moral based programming that’s missing from the television, tablets, and phone screens.  While you indeed granted humans the free will to live how they want the scales or representation are becoming imbalanced.  Commercials, television programs, movies, and music are filled with lifestyles of sin, ugly language, perverted images, and explicit lyrics.  Social media appears to do worse than good with facades be displayed and hateful comments.  Where are the movies, TV shows, music, and social media platforms that display principles identical to what Christ showed us and what the Bible tells?  This country is descending into a place that we don’t’ want to be around to live in when you strike it down for all the sin.  We ask that talented Christians step up and balanced the scales of representation back in favor of Christ like living.  All these things we ask in your son Jesus Christ’s name, Amen.

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