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, Prayer POWER! : Healing in Marriages

Prayer POWER! : Healing in Marriages

Lord, we like to pray for those that may have some opportunities in marriages this week.  If the issues are from physical, mental, and verbal abuse we ask that violent motions be no more, and that acid tongues and words be eroded and cleansed.  Situations where infidelity is the source, we ask for desires and actions that pervert the covenant of marriage be eliminated and erased from hearts.   Relationships where priorities and attention are out of whack, we request that you take blinders off and guide folks to re-distribute their time.  Lastly, if the issues are financial, we ask that couples operate with a mindset to owe no man anything, to pay all debts, give you your cut, and multiple all monetary blessings and assets that you provide.  All these things we ask in your son Jesus Christ’s name, Amen.

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