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, Prayer POWER! : Vanishing Covid-19

Prayer POWER! : Vanishing Covid-19

Lord, this week our prayers are going directly at covid-19.  Regardless of how this man-made virus was derived, the world has now been struggling with it for nearly 2 years.  Millions have loss livelihoods, loved ones and the world has been transformed in ways that will be permanent.  Faith has been tested as heart, kindness, and understanding and we can’t say we overall have passed all these.  We’re at a point where the media cycle is on the same rotation of presenting fear and little hope.  Leaders and companies have been consistent and unreliable in direction.  People have acted illogical and against the best interest of themselves and others at times.  So, God, we ask you to step in and flex your power and muscle by reminding everyone who you are.  Just like in the Exodus when you made plagues come and go at will we ask the same on earth now.  We pray for the end of suffering and instantly elimination for the covid-19 virus off this earth permanently.  All these things we ask in your son Jesus Christ’s name, Amen.

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