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, Scripture Session – 02/14/21: Words Have Prices

Scripture Session – 02/14/21: Words Have Prices

Matthew 12:36 NIV

But I tell you that everyone will have to give account on the day of judgment for every empty word they have spoken.

     This scripture is interesting because popular belief is that words don’t mean anything and can’t hurt you. However, I believe all of us can recount memories where someone’s words hurt our feelings. Regardless of how many apologies are made what is said can’t be unsaid and unheard by those present. There are relationships and jobs that are permanently damaged and or destroyed due to words that are spoken. Yes, people forgive at times, but they don’t forget. I believe the reason that words are so powerful is because to speak something you must think it first. If we are thinking of something it means we are pondering it. The verses that lead up to this verse talk about people spitting out what’s in them. So, if we have hate in us, when we aren’t purposely trying to filter ourselves or are in a “safe zone” we let it out. Or when people are influenced by drugs or alcohol, they say what they really think because their filter isn’t working so their mask is off. I ultimately, think the reason that the passage says everything you speak will be accounted for is because God can see everyone’s hearts. We speak what’s in our heart. So, whether we are for or against God we will be critiqued for the things we think, the things we speak, and the things we do. For what’s in our hearts ultimately guide our actions. Even if we think we are fooling men because behind closed doors we’re a fraud but in public we are saint God sees it and knows. I close by telling everyone to repent for your sins and cleans yourself of sin so that everything you speak and command your body executes, glorifies God.


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