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, Scripture Session – 03/7/21: Laws and Action

Scripture Session – 03/7/21: Laws and Action

Psalm 119:2 NIV

Blessed are those who keep his statutes and seek him with all their heart.

     While earthly blessings aren’t guaranteed God does keep tally of all our actions. He watches who obeys his commands and laws as well as those that could care less. He knows who truly seeks him from the inside out and who is a hypocrite. I think a believer must really have both pieces of this verse right to please God in the best possible way. We know of people that follow God’s law in public but have a different set of morals when they get in their car, house, out of town, basement, or around friends. We also know of people that seek God with their heart and want to live right but still sin. These people may not conceal their identity and are open about who they are. The kind of person that will lead a prayer one minute and be cussing at folks or lying 5 minutes later. Maybe they are a rapper that has sinful music but thanks God for the things they’ve accomplished or a parent that is saved but isn’t perfect. A saved woman that is sometimes racist. Or preacher’s daughter that had to abort a baby. They reality is that we all can be these people at times. The goal is for us to live our lives according to God’s laws and to truly seek him every second we breathe. The more we are doing that the more we will set good examples and potentially lead others to Christ.


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