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, Scripture Session – 3/21/21: Tongue Sway

Scripture Session – 3/21/21: Tongue Sway

Proverbs 18:21 NIV

The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit.

To me this scripture calls out how powerful the tongue, meaning words can be.  Words can uplift someone’s spirits and inspire change at its best.  At its worst, words can sever relationships and erase mountains of trust in someone in a matter of minutes.  Additionally, the words you speak come from your heart and because we must think of something before we can act it out, it’s a good barometer for what you may do.  When we speak negative things on ourselves and or others, we are basically pushing a curse on ourselves.  On the flip side, when we speak positive things we are projecting and anticipating blessings.  When we think about it from that standpoint it’s not a surprise that bad things we try to avoid like a early pregnancy, missed deadline, or mistake occur when we focus on avoiding those things.  Again, the same is true for positive things.  Glory to God for all the various raises and bonuses I’ve asked for in my life that I was blessed to receive simply by requesting and claiming them.

Another side to be aware of with the tongue is the darker side to tying yourself to words all the time.  While we need to guard every word that comes out of our mouths, we need to not be honed into to everything people say to and about us and people we care about.  We can’t let someone calling us out of name and or disrespecting us result in us instantly retaliating.  If we do, we are basically saying that person or people have power over us.  Friends that’s slavery.  We can’t let our self-esteem and worth be tied to how others express their feelings toward us.  If we focus on glorifying God in all things we do and treat our neighbors in an acceptable fashion that should address any faults that are within our control.  We live to serve God and to act and live according to his word not the tongue of men.

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