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, Scripture Session – 3/28/21: The Greatest Love

Scripture Session – 3/28/21: The Greatest Love

John 15:13 NIV

Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.

The greatest sacrifice someone can make is giving their life for another person.  They don’t necessarily have to be friend or family member.  It’s the most selfless act someone can make.  That’s why when people serve as police, fire fighters, army, navy, marines, and air force they gain so much respect.  When you work in a field where its your job to sacrifice your life for others often you don’t get to chose who you are protecting.  Details that the world uses to be divisive like race, gender, class status, sexual orientation, etc. don’t matter and become secondary to saving life at all costs.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the action described in the scripture is exactly what Jesus Christ did for all humanity.  God wanted to show us how much cared and what better way than by asking his only son to commit the greatest act of love.  Jesus died for the sinners, preachers, athletes, racists, drug dealers, nuns, rapists, atheists, transgenders, back sliders, deacons, everyone!  I think one of the reasons why sacrificing yourself for another is the greatest love act is because there’s no turning back once you do it.  You can’t take back the choice and action and you won’t even know if what you did mattered.  There’s no debriefing afterwards to think about the ramifications.  Jesus died for folks that will still choose to go to hell.  Which some people may view as pointless.  That’s why it’s the job of believers to make his sacrifice count.  Usually when someone has near death experience and knows that someone gave their life so they would get another chance they try to make the best of it.  Survivors try to make the person proud and even dedicate their lives to their memory.  Why don’t we treat the greatest act of love committed by Jesus Christ the same?  We look at his sacrifice as justification to be stuck mixed with the same people and choosing the same sins when really, we should be trying to see how we can be the best versions of ourselves in Christ.  Like everyone else, I’m not perfect but I challenge us all to stop finding excuses not to try to be.

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