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, Scripture Session: Move, Let God Take Over!

Scripture Session: Move, Let God Take Over!

Exodus 14:14 NIV

The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.

Scripture is short in sweet.  It refers to situations where we think that its our obligation to bring justice to everyone that has wronged us.  Or we have situations that need to get addressed and we put the burden on ourselves to solve the problem.  Anything that happens in our lives needs to involve God.  When we involve God in everything, we eventually learn that there are times where God requires us to act.  Other times we simply need to fall back and let God handle the situation and do what he does.  If we have a star player yet alone the best player on our team, the worse thing we can do is keep getting in the way and preventing the ball from being in their hands.  We do the same thing with God often.  We make poor decisions that don’t involve God and double the impact by not asking for his help.  Get out the way and let God move in your life.

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