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, Scripture Session: Soul Selling

Scripture Session: Soul Selling

Mark 8:36 NIV

What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul.

This scripture is frequently quoted.  We hear often about people selling their soul to the devil or in general for success, fame, etc.  Everyone has goals and dreams however its what people are willing to do to achieve them that makes the difference.  Some people are prepared to lie, steal, betray others, or even turn their back on their religion for their hearts desires.  When we go about living our lives we need to stop and think if what we are doing is going to costs us everything that matters to us?  Will our actions go against what we stand for?  Additionally, we need to make sure that our lifestyle and actions during this life don’t jeopardize our soul for eternity.  What have we really accomplished if we lived an amazing life full of sin on earth only to go to hell when its over?  Lastly, as believers in Christ we want to be figuring out how we can gain stronger relationship with God.  If we our focused-on chasing after the world to the point, we are trading parts of ourselves than we are treating God as an afterthought.  So, this verse really means three things to me.  First off, we shouldn’t be willing to compromise who we are and what we do for worldly success.  Second, we shouldn’t let our behavior on our short term on earth condemn us for eternity.  Third, if we prioritize chasing the world than God isn’t a concern which puts the status of our soul in question.

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