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, Scripture Session: Suffer For Christ, Expect The Struggle

Scripture Session: Suffer For Christ, Expect The Struggle

Philippians 1:29 NIV

For it has been granted to you on behalf of Christ not only to believe in him, but also to suffer for him.

So, while believing in Jesus Christ saves our souls we also have to understand the negatives that come with being a Christian.  Just like when we align ourselves with different groups of friends we really have pros or cons of being with them whether we recognize it or not.  We might have more fun with some friends but might be taken to some shaky areas to do it.  Or maybe we have friends we hang with when we want to make professional connections and make business moves.  Being a Christian has some baggage that comes with it when we decide to stand with Jesus.  Jesus performed miracles like healing, feeding the hungry, and raising the dead in front of people.  These same people still doubted, mocked, and cheered for his death.  If people were willing to doubt and call Jesus bad names, why would we expect to be treated better?  If they were able to kill Jesus why do, we think we may not have to sacrifice our lives for God’s word?  We must kill our flesh daily to avoid living like the world.  Avoid giving into sinning thru temptation of the eye, flesh, and ego.  Additionally, there will be times where we will have to defend the word of God even when its not popular and when it can cost us something of value.  It costs Jesus his life and we are at times afraid of not making people uncomfortable or not being perceived as cool.  Its okay to not have sex until marriage or to abstain until marriage if you already given up virginity.  Its okay to pass up job opportunities at immoral companies to do something more meaningful for the kingdom.  If we want to live for Jesus, we need to have his back when it counts not only when its convenient.  It will not be easy to kill you flesh and make a difference for the kingdom so expect the struggle.

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