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, Scripture Session: Truth Hurts

Scripture Session: Truth Hurts

Ecclesiastes 1:18 NIV

For with much wisdom comes much sorrow; the more knowledge, the more grief.

When I read this scripture, I think it points to the fact that as we learn more about anything, we start seeing more viewpoints.  For example, growing up some of us think our parents, adults, and church leaders are perfect and never sin.  However, as we get older we realize our parents aren’t perfect and neither are pastors, elders, and or deacons.  We learn that bad people exists in the world that good people also can-do bad things.  Everyone in the world can’t be whatever they want.  Some folks are born with natural gifts, abilities, and attributes that give them a leg up for certain tasks.  Others are born with unearned circumstances like wealth, fame, and fortune.  Sometimes I see doppelgangers of people I know in the world.  Usually, I see someone that reminds me of a friend from childhood or college and they are always at opposite states in life.  For example, I’ll see a guy that looks like someone I graduated from college with exception the doppelganger is a thug on the street.  Or I’ll see a prostitute that favors a girl a I used to date.  Often wondering, were the circumstances that got that person where they are today a product of the life God intended for them, or did they make choices that contributed to it?

The more we study people or systems and learn about how they work and why the uglier it can get.  The more we read about history like the Tulsa Massacre that was covered up or that Rosa Parks wasn’t the first black person to refuse to give up on a bus it gets discouraging.  We contemplate how much of history has been modified for certain narratives and how that affects how people act and live.  We hopefully, start understanding why its important to stay connected and aligned with God.  The world and people are too complicated and complex to think we know everything there is about their workings.  The world has very few absolute truths which is even more dangerous when everyone thinks they are wise.  What’s worse than when one person thinks they know it all, when everyone thinks they’re a know it all.  Our best approach to survival in this world is to stay within God’s protection by following the way he wants us to live.  Lastly, another reason more wisdom hurts is because we like to show ourselves to the world one way and that doesn’t necessarily align with who we really are.  We’re afraid or ashamed of who we are at times and instead of asking God to give us the courage to face our demons and change we play games by jumping into make believe with the world.  Which means we just cover up core issues until the pain continues to grow to a point we can’t ignore or hide it.  I pray that anyone reading this asks God for the guidance to investigate themselves and face the truth head on so the healing and deliverance can begin.

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