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, Scripture Session: Whose Table Are You Sitting At?

Scripture Session: Whose Table Are You Sitting At?

1 Corinthians 10:21 KJV

Ye cannot drink the cup of the Lord, and the cup of the devil:  Ye cannot be partakers of the Lord’s table and of the table of devils. 

Today, is the day to take back your life from the enemy and renew and restore yourself to the fullness of God’s position and potential in the Kingdom of God.  God has a divine appointment for your life and he wants you to remove anything that is keeping you from walking in the fullness of Jesus Christ so that he can use you to edify the body of Christ.  But you can’t get there if you are sitting at the Lord’s table and the devils table because we serve a jealous God.  A God that says thou shalt have no other Gods before me and that means anything, item or material possession that takes the place of God.  Now, you may ask yourself how do I differentiate if I am worshipping an idol or have another thing before you God?  Evaluate your activities to see what table you are sitting at.  Some of us are unaware and blinded by the enemy about our position.  So, ask God to take the blinders off your eyes to discern spiritually what is separating you from God and whose table you are aligned with.  Whatever is taking the majority of your time, thoughts and energy is taking the place of God.   There was a time in my life that I struggle with a shopping addiction and I had no clue I was addicted to online shopping until God delivered me from the situation.  My obsessive shopping consumed who I was.  I was trying to feel a void that only God could heal.  A void of emptiness, the need to control my situation with shopping and to deal with past hurts that was for only a second relieved with the purchase of an item.  But when Jesus showed up in my life and said enough is enough and it’s time to catapult you into your destiny and make this sensitive issue for me my Testimony.  God Changed my life when he delivered me from shopping.  Jesus became the center of my life.  He became everything that I longed for and desired.  I began to read my bible more and developed a strong relationship with God that is still present until this day.   I didn’t realize that my shopping addiction was linked to demonic influences in my life as a result of the stronghold of past hurts and anxieties. I thought material possessions could solve deep seeded emotional and spiritual issues from within and only God can deliver and you free from what’s afflicting you.  Take this moment to claim back the territories that you have willfully given to the enemy and position yourself at the Lord’s table and don’t be deceived by the tricks of the enemy.   What you give your attention to, you value.

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