Who I am

My name is Tenicka Washington.  I am the youngest of five siblings and was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio.  

I strongly believe that God has called me to be an Intercessor/ prayer warrior and about two years ago in the pandemic, I had an encounter with God.  That is when I was propelled into my calling.  God spoke to me and said that he had called me to be an intercessor/ prayer warrior and ever since then I have been walking in my calling.  I have always had a heart and desire to pray for others and their situation even at an early age.   For many years, I served as a liturgical dancer in the kingdom of God and have choreographed many pieces and performed throughout the state of Ohio where I was born and raised.    

I met my husband at the University of Dayton and later in life relocated to Wisconsin when he started his professional career.    Years later we are still married and blessed to have 3 wonderful and healthy children.  

Over the years, I have been afforded a lot of great opportunities in life and consider myself to be truly blessed.  I have been afforded the opportunity to travel around the world and have visited over twenty-four countries with the University of Virginia studying Human Rights.   My studies have given me the opportunity to travel to China, Japan, Malaysia, South Africa, Brazil, India Vietnam, Hong Kong, Mauritius and many other countries. Not only, do I love to travel I also love to read and serve God.